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          We Only Focus On Custom Label Service

          Welcome to LIABEL PRINTING


          WHO WE ARE

          Guangzhou Liabel Packaging Co., LTD., founded in 2005, is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province with a long history and developed economy; With nearly 20 years of experience in customized label and packaging printing, it is a famous leading professional packaging high-tech enterprise in China integrating research and development, production, processing and sales. We have advanced modern automated production line and experienced R & D team, has been leading the Chinese label industry technology, process innovation and application.

          In 2008, the company passed ISO9001-2000 quality certification system, and in 2021, it passed GMI printing system certification and was recognized as a high-tech enterprise and a high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise. And has a number of core product patent technology certificate and products won the United States FSEA Silver Award and Asian awards and other honorary titles.

          Global brand partners
          Monthly Capacity
          Production facilities
          Product patent
          Professional staffs

          WHAT WE DO

          We provide many brands with heat transfer film, heat shrink film, self-adhesive label, glue label, anti-counterfeiting label (including RFID,NFC) and other core label products, our label variety is rich, exquisite technology, widely used in personal care and daily chemical products, food and condiment, beverage and alcohol, medicine and health care products and other packaging fields of high-end market; To provide one-stop advanced technology, process, quality printed label solutions and RFID IOT application solutions for customers from different industries around the world, especially in the United States and Europe.




          As your partner, we’ re dedicated to seeing you and your business grow. That means we’ re here with expertise, advice and a wide range of services and capabilities. We’ re more than a printer — we’ re a network of teams across North America that combines a range of experience and localized service to guide you through the label-creation process.

          WHY CHOOSE US

          Our large portfolio of capabilities and expert team are here to help you find the right label type and printing method for your products.

          A machine for the production of white self-adhesive labels. The shafts of the machine for winding rolls of tape with a label. Die-cutting and cutting of paper for label production. Selective focus.

          Production Capacity:?Accept OEM/ODM. OEM service is provided, customized is acceptable, stable delivery is ensured. We are more than 18 years manufacturer experience.

          Product Quality:?Excellent product, GMI&ISO Certified.

          Professionalism:?Professional R&D team. Just tell us your labels used, we will follow your request, to develop a more novel for you. Perfect after-sales service.

          Certification:?We have obtained printing permit certificate, ISO 9001 quality system certificate, high-tech product certificate, dozens of patent certificates and GMI international quality system certification.


          HOW CAN WE HELP


          HOW CAN WE HELP

          Liabel Packaging here can help you find the answers to your labeling and packaging challenges. With our network location and years of expertise, we are up to the task! If you'd like, please call us on 18928930589 or click below to chat with us.


          We have our own complete production process equipments.


          Flexo-printing Machine X 3(sets)

          Rotary Machine X 5 (sets)

          Digital Machine X 7( colors)

          Stamping Machine X 2 (sets)

          Coating Machine X 1(set)

          Die-cutting Machine X 4 (sets)

          Screen Printing Machine X 2(sets)

          Palm Closing Machine X 1(set)

          Plate-making Machine X 4(sets)

          Quality Control Machine X 4(sets)


          Quality, service and label solutions you can trust, that meet the unique requirements of your product and the retail standards of your industry.